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Home Care Marketing and Solution-Selling

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Becoming a home care sales Super-Connector

We take purpose-led sales reps and develop them into victory-driven Super-Connectors – transforming the most willing into the most capable.

Home Care Marketing and Solution-Selling teaches you how to move from sales representative to Super-Connector. The program covers everything from perfecting your sales message to finding clients where no one is looking to consultative selling techniques that work!

Home Care Marketing and Solution-Selling is taught in four, 90-minute live online trainings courses through Zoom. Each training course run 1.5 hours and are taught on Tuesdays and Thursdays for 2 consecutive weeks.  A copy of each recording is emailed to participants within 24 hours of the live training. 

  • Deliverable: How to set S.M.A.R.T. sales and marketing goals

  • Deliverable: High Performance Strategic Sales Plan

  • Deliverable: Sales Strategies by Customer Value Segments

  • Deliverable: Customer Opportunity & Conversion Map

  • Deliverable: Customer Low Risk / High Reward Strategic Model


Becoming a Super-Connector requires the ability to meet the highest standards of honesty, sincerity and authenticity. It also requires the ability to win hearts and minds. 

Watch your emails for 2-day live training in 2023!


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In this course, we reveal who has the courage in them to continue when others quit. To dig even deeper when there’s nothing left to give. To prove the fighting spirit running through them will outlast the physical, mental and competitive battles in front of them. For 4 days, these are the battles that must be won. Read ‘What Are Their Superpowers” to see how Super-Connectors use their powers.

Throughout Home Care Marketing and Solution-Sales training, the sense of doubt that exists inside every sales person is quickly replaced with a sense of urgency. There’s no time to hesitate, and there’s no time for second-guessing. Super-Connectors must win in the midst of doubt, as your company cannot afford to place its trust in those who doubt themselves. Read “4 Habits of Super-Connectors”.


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WHAT YOU’LL LEARN IN Home Care Marketing and Solution-Selling Sales Training

  • Solution selling process

  • Building a network of guaranteed referral sources

  • S.M.A.R.T. Marketing strategies and skills

  • Organizing your strategies

  • Performance measures

  • Perfecting your sales message

  • Practicing with the pros


When you advance past the final phase of Home Care Marketing and Solution-Selling Sales training, you’ll have what it takes to be a Home Care Sales Super-Connector. 


  • Complete all four, 90-minute videoconferencing training modules

  • Complete all assignments before the class

  • Verbally contribute to discussion in each training session

  • Actively participate in group discussion and role play

  • Complete and submit the Evaluation Form

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The road to becoming a Super-Connector is filled with obstacles. Sale professionals not only battle external forces, they will battle forces within themselves to test their mental and creative limits. Only those with the fighting spirit rise above the chaos and overcome fear, doubt, exhaustion, will earn the honor of championing their organization as a Super-Connector.



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