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Hospice Training and Certification for Home Care Workers

The 4-Hour Hospice Certification specialized training program was designed by a team of hospice professionals which included:

  • Hospice Medical Director

  • Hospice Registered Nurse

  • Hospice Social Worker

  • Hospice Manager

  • Home Care Manager

  • Licensed Nurse Educator

This training program educates caregivers on death and dying; how to assist clients and the hospice team through quality end-of-life care; and prepares them for the emotional consequences for caring for the terminally ill.

Course Content and Scope:

This is an outline of the topics included in the lecture portion of the course.

  • Introduction to Hospice

  • The Philosophy of Hospice Care

  • Advance Health Care Directives

  • The Hospice Patient’s Bill of Rights

  • Working with the Hospice Team

  • Caregiver Reporting Protocols

  • Cultural Diversity

  • Caring for Someone in Bed

  • Urine Elimination

  • Bowel Movements

  • Nutrition and Hydration

  • Managing Fevers

  • Managing Nausea and Vomiting

  • Pain Management

  • Managing Fatigue

  • Managing Restlessness

  • Managing Anxiety and Uneasy Feelings

  • Managing Delirium

  • Managing Depression

  • Social Distress

  • Spiritual Distress

  • Dementia

  • Emotional Withdrawal

  • Using Oxygen Safely

  • The End of Life

  • Final Days

  • When Death Occurs

  • Working with a Funeral Home

  • Grief and Mourning

  • Caregiver Resources

  • Summary

  • Post-Test

  • Course Evaluation

Objectives: Student Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  • Explain the philosophy of hospice care.

  • Summarize the different kinds of advance health care directives.

  • Give examples of the hospice patient’s bill of rights.

  • Distinguish the roles of the hospice team.

  • State all of the protocols a caregiver must report to the hospice team.

  • Identify the key aspects that culture can impact in the care of hospice patients.

  • Define terminology.

  • Dramatize proper techniques.

  • Indicate changes in conditions that need to be reported to the hospice team.

  • Restate interventions the home care worker can do to alleviate symptoms and improve patient comfort.

  • Recognize safety practices for oxygen

  • Name resources that can assist with help for questions about end of life issues.

  • Discuss the signs and symptoms that death is close.

  • Recognize the signs that death has occurred.

  • Identify ways to assist the patient in working with a funeral home.

  • Indicate the physical, mental, emotional and behavioral responses to grief.

  • Describe self-care strategies for home care workers.

By offering this comprehensive training program to your home care workers, your clients can trust your caregivers to perform their duties with professionalism and dedication while they help maintain their independence and treat them with the love, dignity, and respect they deserve.

Schedule your caregivers today!
Cost for Training: $40/trainee

4 hours of CDPH-Approved CEUs available to CNAs upon successful completion of this course.

Please call if you have any questions! (619) 272-0422 or email at:

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