Body Mechanics, Transfer and Mobility Training and Certification

This 4-hour intensive program is designed to train the home care worker to avoid body strains and injury by learning the correct body mechanics to use when transferring and ambulating clients. The program teaches how the center of gravity, the line of gravity, and the base of support determine proper body alignment. Demonstrations and hands-on training include: safely ambulating the client, use of assistive devices (including Hoyer lift), moving the client in bed, turning the client and all aspects of transferring the client in the home.

Benefits to Your Agency:

  • Decrease caregiver injuries

  • Improve client safety and satisfaction

  • Health and safety training

  • Body mechanics training in a home-like, skills lab

  • Invest in your caregiver’s skill level

  • Demonstrate to Workers’ Compensation carriers that you are decreasing risk

  • Greater confidence in your caregiver’s safety

  • Quality assurance and process improvement

  • Promotable to community

  • Reduce costs due to lost work-time

4-Hour Training Program includes:

  1. Health and safety education

  2. Body mechanics, transfers & mobility training

  3. Observing, recording and reporting

  4. Skills competency demonstration, competency assessment checklist & evaluation

  5. Written test

  6. Course evaluation

  7. Certificate of Completion

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Registry members – $40/trainee

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