The job of selling is at the heart of every home care business. It doesn’t really matter how great your services may be – if you don’t know how to sell it, you aren’t going to make money. So, with that in mind, it only makes sense to continually work on improving your ability to sell. One way to do just that is through the use of a 1% Elite Sales Coach. 

Working with a qualified coach will give you the opportunity to develop your skills in new and exciting ways – meaning you may be able to take your career or business to a new level. Following is a list of seven benefits that you may enjoy should you decide to hire a sales coach.

#1 – New Strategies

Even if you are already successful in sales, you probably rely on the same techniques and strategies time and time again. After all, if it works, why change it? While you don’t necessarily want to change winning techniques, it does make sense to expand your list of strategies so that you can be effective in wide range of situations. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach for selling, so growing your ‘toolbox’ is a wise choice.

#2 – Keep You On Track

A good coach is going to be able to hold you accountable to certain sales goals or targets that you have been set. While you might be tempted to let yourself slide from time to time when working on your own, a coach is not going to be so lenient.

#3 – Motivation

There is nothing quite like the motivation that comes from other people who are charged with helping you be better. You are going to want to live up to your coaches’ expectations, so your drive should be at an all-time high.

#4 – Everyone Can Win

When you close more deals as a salesperson, your sales coach is going to benefit as well. In that way, you will both be working together toward the same goal. It will be like having an additional member of your own little team to help you finish off as many sales as possible.

#5 – Offering Up a Challenge

When you work with an experienced sales coach, you can expect to be challenged on a continuous basis. In fact, this is the hallmark of a quality coach – never being satisfied. In the same way that a football coach is never quite happy with his team’s performance, so too is a sales coach never completely impressed. There is always more to do, and there is always more money to make.

#6 – Specific Training Plan

Sure, you can take generic sales training courses that will help you master the basics, but those courses are never going to be customized specifically to your needs. With a coach, you can have a training program developed that will help you get better at your job each and every day.

#7 – Stress Reduction

As you already know, sales can be a lonely career path. However, when you have a coach on your side, that partnership can help to reduce stress and increase your overall enjoyment of your career. And, of course, making more money will help with that stress level as well.



Every home care leader’s journey is different, but no matter where you are on your path, every path begins in training. Your customized coaching/training program is designed to help you find your mental and physical strengths and to develop the skills and values necessary to succeed in your home care and achieve your goals. Coaching is where you transform yourself and your organization.

Let’s talk about how now is the time for coaching!


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One of the most effective ways to make sure training sticks and seller’s behavior changes is through sales coaching. Our sales coaches help develop the skills of your sales team, reinforce concepts learned in training, and provide guidance along the way.


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  • $5,999 per year – credit card billed $500 per month

  • $4,999 per year – paid in full upfront


"Two years after founding a home care company, I struggled to get operational practices and strategic relationships to a place from which I could scale up. Having a sounding board and added accountability was incredibly helpful." - Founder | Home Care Agency


"What started as a discussion about what I want from my business next turned into a much deeper exploration of my strategy and my business model. I got so much clarity out of it I refocused my service portfolio and redesigned my website to communicate better what my business is about." - Startup Entrepreneur | Home Care Agency


"I didn’t have the time or money for an MBA program – but that’s what I felt I got: Customized learning on the job that made an immediate difference in how I approached my leadership challenge." - Director of Development | Home Care Agency

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