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Marketing is an essential element for every home care business.

Marketing Basics will provide the basic knowledge to your marketers, and give them the ability to build and grow your business.


It can be that one missing piece of the puzzle, and when it fits the big picture is revealed. Your participants will be given an introduction to marketing and its benefits. If you are not marketing your home care business you will not grow, and if you do not grow you will not succeed.


In addition to reaching the senior market through your promotion and advertising activities, you must also have a clear understanding of the selling process. i.e. getting a commitment from your prospects to purchase your Home Care Services.


Many individuals, including business owners, have a fear and reluctance to selling but allowing these negative thoughts to get in the way of selling your services is one way to ensure your business will fail. Needless to say, if you don’t have clients who buy your services, you don't have a business, no matter how good your services are or how well you have done your marketing.

Marketing has changed a lot recently and having a new perspective will give your marketers the needed information to assist them in their marketing decisions. No matter the size of your organization, your business will benefit with a better understanding of marketing.

Workshop Objectives

  • Define your market

  • Know the different types of marketing and ways to use them

  • Learn effective ways of communicating with the customer

  • Know how to set marketing goals and strategies

  • Recognize common marketing mistakes and know how to avoid them

Marketing Basics Workshop Overview

  • Module One: Getting Started

  • Module Two: What is Marketing?

  • Module Three: Common Marketing Types (I)

  • Module Four: Common Marketing Types (II)

  • Module Five: The Marketing Mix

  • Module Six: Communicating the Right Way

  • Module Seven: Customer Communications

  • Module Eight: Marketing Goals

  • Module Nine: The Marketing Funnel

  • Module Ten: Marketing Mistakes (I)

  • Module Eleven: Marketing Mistakes (II)

  • Module Twelve: Wrapping Up

Succeed with Business Development Training

We understand the unique challenges of selling home care services, and that the people who sell are often under-trained and lack sales tools. In this Marketing Basics Workshop, marketers will learn how to sell home care services with greater confidence and success. The program is tailored to the home care industry, services, and the skills that will dramatically improve your business development success.

The transition from salesperson to a home care marketing Champion doesn’t happen overnight. Our approach to sales training helps us to set the training up right, deliver it powerfully, and then make sure the learning sticks so it has the greatest impact. We help your marketers develop sales skills efficiently in a way that produces the best results.