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Home Care Launchpad:
Steps to Ignite Your Business in 5 Days

Jumpstart Your Home Care Business with Our New Owner Training Program

Take the leap and ignite your home care business with our 5-day launchpad program!

Are you contemplating starting up a home care agency, awaiting licensure, or perhaps you are a newly licensed owner/operator wondering what the next steps are to get your home care business off the ground? If so, we are thrilled to invite you to our Start My Own Home Care Program, Home Care Launchpad: Steps to Ignite Your Business in 5 Days new owner training.

Our 5-day training program is the perfect resource for individuals looking to improve their skills and knowledge in the home care industry. Led by industry experts with decades of experience, this comprehensive training course is designed to guide you through the entire process of starting, operating, and growing a successful non-medical, in-home care agency.


We'll cover all the essential topics needed to launch and manage a thriving home care business, including regulatory compliance, staffing, marketing, and more. You'll gain valuable insights and techniques that will help you build a strong foundation for your business.


Whether you're new to the industry or a seasoned professional, this training course is the key to unlocking your full potential and building a business that makes a real difference in people's lives. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to accelerate your success in the home care industry.

Discover the Comprehensive
5-Day Schedule of our Home Care Launchpad Program - Ignite Your Home Care Business in 5 Days!


Day One: The Home Care Industry Landscape: Navigating the Current and Future Trends

This session will provide an overview of the current and future trends in the home care industry, including market growth, regulatory changes, and technological advancements. Attendees will gain valuable insights to help them navigate the ever-changing landscape and stay ahead of the competition.

Day Two: Building and Keeping a Strong Team - Recruitment and Retention Training

This training provides valuable insights into effective recruitment and retention strategies for building a strong team in the home care industry. Participants will learn best practices for attracting and retaining qualified and committed caregivers, which is essential for maintaining quality care and growing a successful home care business.

Day Three: Marketing and Solution-Selling Strategies for Home Care Businesses

On day three, you will learn effective marketing techniques and solution-selling strategies specifically designed for the home care industry. Gain valuable insights on how to differentiate your business and stand out in a competitive market.

Day Four: Streamlining Your Home Care Business: Software and Forms

Day four of the training focuses on the tools and resources that can help streamline your home care business operations. From software to forms, this session will equip you with the knowledge you need to optimize your processes and increase efficiency.

Day Five: Elevating the Client Experience in Home Care

Day Five will focus on elevating the client experience in home care. Participants will learn how to go above and beyond to provide exceptional service and care to clients, ensuring their satisfaction and loyalty.

Home Care Launchpad: Get the Tools to Ignite Your Business in 5 Days!

At the end of our New Owner Training program, each attendee will receive a range of valuable walk-away items that they can use to help them start, operate, and grow their home care business.


These items include a:

  • DIY: Policy and Procedures Manual & Forms - USB

  • DIY: Home Care Aide Training Curriculum [meets Entry-Level and Annual training requirements] - USB

  • Sample Personnel and Medical File

  • Sample Client Binder

  • Sales and Marketing plan


These walk-away items are designed to help each attendee hit the ground running and start building a successful home care business immediately.


As a bonus, attendees will also receive discounts to the software programs we demonstrate during the week.


Furthermore, for attendees who sign up for the Start My Own Home Care Coaching and Consulting services within 30 days of completing the course, the cost of the course will be applied towards the annual fee of our Start My Own Home Care Coaching and Consulting agreement.

Transform Your Passion into a Thriving Business with Our
5-Day New Owner Training

Join us for the Start My Own Home Care - Home Care Launchpad: Steps to Ignite Your Business in 5 Days new owner training and ignite your home care business in just 5 days. With our expert guidance, you will gain the knowledge and skills needed to successfully run your own home care agency. Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to accelerate your success in the home care industry. Invest in yourself and your future by gaining the skills and knowledge you need to build a business that makes a real difference in people's lives. Register early as seating is limited to 18 people and start your journey to success!


Benefits of Our New Owner Training:

  • Gain a solid understanding of the home care industry, including regulations, best practices, and market trends.

  • Learn how to develop a business plan, create a marketing strategy, and build strong relationships with clients and referral sources.

  • Explore the different types of services you can offer, from non-medical to skilled nursing care, and learn how to develop a niche that sets your business apart.

  • Discover how to recruit and train high-quality caregivers, manage finances and operations, and maintain ethical and professional standards.

  • Network with other home care business owners and professionals and receive ongoing support from our team of experts.


Partner with HOME CARE RESOURCE to Ignite Your Passion and Succeed in the Home Care Industry

Don't let the challenges of starting and running a home care business hold you back from achieving your dreams. Let HOME CARE RESOURCE be your trusted partner every step of the way. Enroll in our comprehensive training program and access our expert resources to give your business the boost it needs.


Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you ignite your passion and succeed in the home care industry.

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