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Amaze your inspectors and keep your Administrative Records in a well-organized binder.

We have what you need to exceed the state’s requirements for maintaining your Administrative Records


Your purchase includes:

  • 3 ring binder customized to your home care organization
  • Table of contents
  • 10 tabbed sections
  • Clear instructions on where to place each of the required documents
  • Mailed to your office


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What we need to customize your Administrative Records binder

  • Logo – jpg or png format (the best you have)
  • Your HCO Number
  • Your HCO Legal Name
  • Your complete HCO address
  • Your HCO Telephone Number


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What Inspectors are saying:

On a recent inspection of an Orange County home care organization that has purchased this Administrative Record binder, the analyst stated, "It's so refreshing to see that a home care organization is so organized and ready. This is the best I've seen." Pamela


The written directives for home care organizations [Article II. Section 1 (b)] require the Administrative Records be maintained in hard copy format. They also specify which records must be maintained in the Administrative Records. Your home care organization can be fined $50.00 per day if you do not maintain your Administrative Records.

Administrative Records Binder

  • This product is customized to your specification and therefore cannot be returned. We're sure you understand.