DIY B2: Job Descriptions Kit

Individual HCO Application Section B – Individual Section Pricing

B2: Job Descriptions Kit 

This Do-It-Yourself [DIY] Kit contains:

  • Instruction Guide

  • Coversheet

  • Organization chart

  • Five (5) job descriptions and an Organization Chart. Job Descriptions included:

    • Manager/Administrator

    • Care Manager

    • Affiliated Home Care Aide

    • Community Relations Coordinator

    • Staffing Coordinator

We have assisted hundreds of start-up owners secure their home care license using these Job Descriptions.

Now, you can save time and money and Do-It-Yourself with the 'everything you need' HCO Job Description Kit. All documents are in Microsoft Word format.

Order the Job Description Kit today!

DIY Kit Price: $199


When you are in a hurry, we can help you. Call or text us and we get your order ready. Prepaid, or credit card, we will deliver your order via USPS. 

We-Do-It Price: $399


DIY B2: Job Descriptions Kit


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