DIY B4: Training Plan Kit

This Do-It-Yourself [DIY] Kit contains training plans for all ten (10) hours required Home Care Aide orientation and annual training. Included in the training plans are outlines covering California’s requirements for:

Five (5) hours entry level training

  • Two (2) hours of orientation training regarding the role as a caregiver and terms of employment; 

  • Three (3) hours of basic health and safety training, including but not limited to: 

    • Basic Safety Precautions 

    • Infection Control 

    • Emergency Procedures


Five (5) hours annual training

  • Clients rights and safety 

  • How to provide for and respond to a client’s daily living needs 

  • How to report, prevent, and detect abuse and neglect 

  • How to assist a client with personal hygiene and other home care services 

  • How to safely transport a client (if applicable) 


NOTE: Training plans do not include curriculum, PowerPoints, or forms. You can purchase the California Home Care Aide Training Kit on our website. Formatted in Microsoft Word

We have assisted hundreds of start-up owners secure their home care license using these Training Plans. Now, you can save time and money and Do-It-Yourself with the 'everything you need' Training Plan Kit. 


Order the Training Plan Kit and complete your HCO Application today!

DIY B4: Training Plan Kit


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