An Employee Handbook is a great way to establish rules of conduct for your employees, ensuring a safe, healthy, and positive work environment for your whole organization. Having your policies in writing will make it easier to resolve problems as they come up, and help protect both your business and your employees. 


Your Do-It-Yourself [DIY] California HCO Employee Handbook Kit includes information like: the company's paydays; benefits offered by the company; the number of personal leave and medical leave days; vacation policies; the list of paid company holidays; a social media policy; who to contact regarding benefits; how to report a policy violation; the procedure and points of contact for harassment complaints; and guidelines for sending work and personal emails via the company email system. 


  • California-specific template - over 100 policy topics

  • Corresponds to the California HCO P&P Manual available on our website

  • Easily customize with your company logo

  • Many topics have multiple options

  • Easily edit, delete or add topics

  • Acknowledgement form for employees to sign

  • Formatted in Microsoft Word


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DIY Kit Price: $199


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California HCO Employee Handbook Kit


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