COVID-19 Protocols for Home Care Organizations

The COVID-19 Protocols for Home Care Organizations provides you with the resources and materials to create and carry out a comprehensive “pandemic plan”. We have researched the home care world to create this one-of-a kind resource guide for you.


In addition to the Protocol Handbook, your purchase includes MS Word files for each form and document referenced in the material.


You can easily customize these forms with your organization’s contact information and logo to create the branding you desire.


We wish you the best in producing your ‘pandemic plan’. As always, we are here to be a resource for you every step of the way.

Thank you for allowing CHCR to be your trusted resource for everything homecare.    
The following forms and documents are included in this protocol guide. You can customize the form by double-clicking in the header section, inserting your company information and logo.

002.     Medical Supplies Checklist
003.     COVID-19 Home Care Aide & Client Screener
004.     Sample Essential Letter for Staff
005.A  Sample Staff Education Plan
005.B  Lesson Plan-COVID-19
006.     Sample Letter to Clients & Families
007.     Draft Emergency Preparedness Plan
008.     Client Emergency Preparedness Checklist
009.     Medication Log Sheet
010.     HCA COVID-19 Training Sign-in Form
011.     HCA COVID-19 Certificate of Completion
012.     COVID-19 Training & Resource Guide

COVID-19 Protocols for Home Care Organizations