Employee Handbook

Contains state and federal legal updates for 2021!


No matter how large or small your home care agency might be, you can benefit from having a well-crafted employee handbook that spells out your policies. The handbook includes both mandatory policies and recommended policies applicable to your home care workforce.


Best Practices

  • Establish and record a set of well-designed workplace policies & procedures and include them in an up-to-date employee handbook.


Reasons for Creating an Employee Handbook

You may not realize the need for formal and comprehensive policies and procedures until you encounter an unanticipated problem. Do not wait until you find yourself in a lawsuit! Properly written and communicated policies can help you:

  • Comply with complex federal and state regulations
  • Ensure fair and consistent treatment of employees
  • Avoid misunderstandings that could potentially lead to lawsuits
  • Orient new employees
  • Educate supervisors and managers
  • Establish legal protections


Many small and medium size home care companies find effective workforce management challenging. If your agency does not have an experienced personnel administrator, you can especially benefit from written policies.


Mandatory Policies

Certain policies are mandatory and must be included in your employee handbook. For example, California employers must have a written harassment, discrimination and retaliation prevention policy. Including these policies clarifies for employees their rights and obligations, and protects you from potential liability.


Additional Information You Must Provide to Employees

In addition to the mandatory policies, there is certain information that must be communicated to employees. The information may be required in your employee handbook and/or the posters you hang in communal areas. Other information must be given to employees at the time of hire or at certain points during the employment relationship.


Staying Out of Trouble

Although an employee handbook is a powerful tool for avoiding litigation by clarifying and publishing your policies, it can lead to potential lawsuits if not done correctly. Be careful that your handbook does not violate any federal or state laws or override the at-will employment relationship.


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