Home Care 2020 Vision Summit Recordings

We recorded over TWELVE (12) hours from the 2 1/2 day conference. 

As a leader, you must keep up to date and have some foresight to maintain and to grow your business.  A fresh, forward-thinking, clear-eyed mind sight needs attention because the world around you is changing.     

At the Home Care 2020 Vision Summit; we brought together leaders and experts in the field to educate owners to discuss the changes that are occurring.  Plus, we added profitable home care programs you can introduce into your business that will offer great lead generation and more revenue to your bottom line (Five are mentioned in BOLD below)
Here is the list of recordings you get :

  • Keynote: The Power or Home Care Medicine - Dr. Pouya Afshar, CMO Integrated Healthcare Alliance
  • Four Ways to Reduce Your Liability Exposure - Attorney Sam Sherman, TencerSherman LLP
  • Panel Discussion: Becoming the Ultimate HomeCare Partner - Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, Hospice, Placement Agency 
  • Five Great Reasons Why You Should Get an Executive Coach - Kira Anthofer, CHCResource
  • Creating & Marketing A Senior Home Safety Program that Drives Referrals - Frtizi Gros-Daillon Age Safe America
  • Top Five Ways to Reduce Workers' Compensation Costs - Frank McDermott, CPA Eclipse Risk Insurance
  • Happy Clients through Better Incontinence Care - Kelly Allan, Secure Personal Care Products
  • Driving New Business with Wound Care Support Program  - Edwin Peterson, CHCResource
  • Creative Solutions for Older Adults Experiencing Depression and Social Isolation Atavia Jones, LCSW
  • Unleashing Your Sales Potential - Kira Anthofer CHCResource
  • Medicare Advantage and Contracting Opportunities in Home Care - Edwin Peterson CHCResource
  • 2020 Vision of Home Care ... and Beyond - Kira Anthofer and Edwin Peterson CHCResource

Home Care 2020 Vision Summit Recordings

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