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Mastering Home Care Marketing & Solution-Selling: Your Path to Success

Mastering Home Care Marketing & Solution-Selling: Your Path to Success

Empower Your Sales Team with Masterful Home Care Marketing and Solution-Selling Strategies


Training Description:

Unlock the full potential of your home care agency with our comprehensive Home Care Marketing and Solution-Selling training course.


Designed for sales professionals, this course provides the essential tools, techniques, and strategies needed to masterfully market your services and effectively close deals.


Through a series of interactive modules, you will learn how to identify and meet the specific needs of your clients, build a robust referral network, and implement performance measures to ensure ongoing success.


Training Outline:


Module 1: Solution Selling

  • Overview of Solution Selling
  • Importance of understanding client needs
  • Key concepts and objectives

Module 2: What Are Your Solutions

  • Identifying and articulating your solutions
  • Aligning solutions with client needs
  • Crafting compelling solution statements

Module 3: Who Are My Customers

  • Identifying target customers
  • Understanding customer demographics and needs
  • Creating customer profiles

Module 4: Selling Value

  • The concept of value in sales
  • Communicating the value of your solutions
  • Techniques for value-based selling

Module 5: Promotion

  • Strategies for promoting your services
  • Creating effective marketing materials
  • Utilizing digital marketing channels

Module 6: Networking

  • Building and expanding your professional network
  • Developing relationships with referral sources
  • Networking strategies and best practices

Module 7: Best Opening

  • Importance of a well-prepared opening statement
  • Crafting a compelling and effective opening
  • Examples of best openings

Module 8: How We Sell Our Solutions

  • Techniques for effective solution selling
  • Building trust and rapport with clients
  • Overcoming objections and closing deals

Module 9: The Solution Selling Process

  • Discovery Questions: Identifying General Needs
  • Problem Questions: Uncovering Issues
  • Effect Questions: Revealing Specific Needs
  • Value Questions: Offering Solutions

Module 10: Continuance vs Advance

  • Understanding Continuance and Advance stages
  • Strategies for moving from Continuance to Advance
  • Examples and best practices

Module 11: Sales Planning

  • Utilizing the Sales Call Planning Tool
  • Setting objectives and identifying key players
  • Discovering client needs and formulating questions

Module 12: Case Value

  • Understanding and calculating Case Value
  • Impact of Case Value on profitability
  • Strategies to optimize and increase Case Value

    Module 13: S.M.A.R.T. Goals

    • Introduction to S.M.A.R.T. Goals
    • Benefits of setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals
    • Writing and implementing S.M.A.R.T. Goals

    Module 14: Strategic Planning

    • Creating an annual strategic marketing plan
    • Breaking down goals into quarterly and weekly plans
    • Regular review and refinement of plans

    Module 15: Performance Measures

    • Introduction to DMAIC methodology
    • Setting measurable goals and tracking actions
    • Monitoring performance and results

    Module 16: Unleash Sales Potential

    • Importance of sales coaching and training
    • Strategies to seize missed opportunities
    • Applying the Solution-Selling process for growth


    • Summary of key learning points
    • Encouragement to implement the strategies learned
    • Invitation to grow your business with our ongoing support


    Join us and transform your home care agency into a top-performing, solution-selling powerhouse!


    Download the Home Care Marketing and Solution-Selling training course now and empower your sales team to achieve unparalleled success.


    Upon payment for the training program, you will shortly receive a zipped file sent to the email address you used for your purchase.


    This file contains the PowerPoint recorded training and a printable training manual.


    Please remember to save the file to your laptop for easy access.

    Mastering Home Care Marketing & Solution-Selling: Your Path to Success

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