Training Plan Outlines - California

Training Plan – (Lesson Plan Outlines Only  – as required for HCO Application)


The training plan includes both entry-level and annual training, proposals on who will be conducting the training, written description of the objectives, and the title and duration of the training as specificed in Health and Safety Code Section 1796.44.


The plan outlines the following:

  • Entry-Level Training - 5 hours
    • Two (2) hours orientation training regarding the role as a caregiver and terms of employment.
    • Three (3) hours of basic health and safety training including:
      • Basic Safety Precautions
      • Emergency Procedures
      • Infection Control 
  • Annual Training - 5 hours
    • Client Rights
    • Lifting and Moving Clients
    • Recognizing and Reporting Abuse
    • Helping with Activities of Daily Living and Independent ADLs
  • HCS 500 HCA Training Verfication log


Note: This training plan does not include training curriculum and teaching materials.

Training Plan Outlines - California


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