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Care Management Services for Home Care Organizations

Generate more revenue with your own Care Management Services.

Care Management Services for Home Care Organizations

  • The Quick-Start Care Management Services Launch Kit includes everything you need to get your paid for what you're probably already doing!

    Preliminary Considerations

    How to Begin or Add Care Management to Your Home Care Business

    • Self-Analysis: Are you entrepreneur material?
    • Your Quick-Start Care Management Business Structure
    • Setting Up Your Quick-Start Care Management Services

    Creating a Simplified Strategic Plan

    • Defining Your Vision Using the VTO
    • What are Your Core Values
    • What is Your Core Focus
    • What is Your Niche
    • Marketing Strategy

    Overview of a CMs responsibilities

    • Care Management with Families
    • Care Management with Families
    • Working with Long-Distance Family Members

    Helping Adult Children and Families Manage the Overwhelming Demands of Caregiving

    • Joining Support Groups
    • Alleviating Caregiver Overload
    • Working with Challenging Family Systems
    • Helping Families Develop Solutions for Their Needs
    • Dealing with a Caregiver’s Denial
    • Dealing with a Caregiver’s Emotions
    • Helping Caregivers Build a Partnership
    • Building Partnerships with Professionals

    Helping Caregivers Diffuse Conflict

    • Helping Caregivers Establish Good Communication
    • Encouraging Families to Communicate their Needs
    • Helping Caregivers Strike a Balance
    • Assisting Spousal Caregivers and Working Couples
    • Principles of Intervention with Spousal Caregivers

    Problematic Relationships

    • General Principles for All Types of Spousal Caregivers
    • Expressions of Sexuality
    • Inappropriate Behavior
    • Differential Diagnosis: Sexual Acting out versus Medical Problem

    Continuum of Care Resources – Working as Part of a Team

    • Helping Families Make the Decision to Place
    • Placement: Levels of Care

    Conducting Evaluations: Questions and Guidelines

    • Evaluating Assisted Living Facilities
    • Evaluating Skilled Nursing Facilities
    • Evaluating Residents
    • Evaluating Staff Members
    • Evaluation the Facility’s Overall Environment
    • Evaluating Resident Rooms
    • Evaluating Hallways, Stairs, and Lounges
    • Evaluating Bathrooms and Shower Rooms
    • Evaluating Kitchen and Dining Areas
    • Evaluating Menus and Food
    • Evaluating Activities
    • Miscellaneous

    Conducting the Assessment

    • Elements of the Assessment
    • Physical Health
    • Psychosocial Health
    • Caregiving and Ethnic, Social, Spiritual, and Economic Status
    • Functional Status
    • Environment

    Care Plan

    • Multiple Interventions
    • Interventions in the Care Plan
    • Finding Interventions for the Care Plan
    • Crafting Interventions
    • Make Interventions Doable
    • Make Interventions Measurable
    • Make Interventions Understandable
    • Make Interventions with a Timeline
    • Multiple Interventions
    • Care Plan Is Subject to Change
    • Care Plan Needs to Be Acceptable: Dealing with Rejected Interventions
    • Care Plan Needs to Be Affordable
    • Care Plan Needs Consensus: Getting Family, Client, and Third- Party Buy-In
    • Care Plan Needs to Be Impartial Yet Creative

    Why Add a Budget to a Client Assessment and Care Plan?

    • Creating a Monthly Budget

    Care Monitoring: Updating Your Care Plan

    • Monitor Your Client to Measure Change
    • Sample Care Manager Field Evaluation/Care Management Services

    Writing a Client Assessment and Care Plan

    • Writing the Presenting Problem Section
    • Writing the History Section
    • Writing the Psychosocial Assessment Section
    • Writing the Medications Section
    • Writing the Level of Care Section
    • Writing the Care Plan Section
    • Narrative Explanation of Care Plan
    • Evaluating the Client Assessment
    • What Makes You a Good Detective?
    • What Makes a Good Written Assessment?
    • Assessment, Care Plan, and Recommendations Outline

    6 Key Elements of Care Management Success

    • Care Management Review

    Comprehensive Assessment and Care Management Tools

    • Short Portable Mental Status Questionnaire (SPMSQ)
    • Initial Comprehensive Assessment
    • Checklist of Brain Impairment Problems
    • Social Assessment
    • Home Safety Checklist
    • HOPE Questions for Spiritual Assessment
    • Care Plan
    • Katz Index of Independence in Activities of Daily Living


    • Consent To Release Information
    • Authorization to Release Protected Health Information (PHI)
    • Consent: Referral & Release Of Information
    • Life’s Journey AssessmentJob Title/Position
    • Agreement For Services
    • Website Content



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