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Kira AnthoferTrustedADVISER

Kira Anthofer is a highly accomplished sales coach, compliance specialist, and trusted advisor in the senior healthcare market with over 20 years of experience.


With her extensive background as a licensed RCFE administrator, Kira has developed a deep understanding of the complexities of the healthcare industry and is fully dedicated to coaching, training, and consulting hundreds of clients.


Her expertise as an operations leader and sales champion has been invaluable to her clients, and she is renowned for her ability to guide them through the intricacies of the industry with ease.


Kira has spent the last 6 years with HOME CARE RESOURCE, where she has made a lasting impact on the organization and the clients she serves. Kira holds a bachelor's degree.

Edwin Peterson, TrustedADVISER

Edwin Peterson is a highly accomplished healthcare executive and the president of California Home Care Registry, Inc.


With over 30 years of experience in healthcare sales and operations, including home care, hospice, home health, and hospital markets, Edwin is a trusted advisor to hundreds of clients.


He has been fully dedicated to coaching, training, and consulting since 2012, and his expertise has been instrumental in helping his clients navigate the complexities of the industry.


Edwin has a keen eye for identifying opportunities for growth and improvement, and he is known for his ability to provide actionable insights and guidance that drive results.


His dedication to his clients has earned him a reputation as one of the most trusted and respected healthcare executives in the industry. Edwin holds a bachelor's degree and an MBA.

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