Start My Own


You have many choices to consider when deciding to start your own home care organization. We do not franchise home care organizations, but rather encourage you to start your own home care organization using the tools we provide and using us as your resource. We help owners each week to start, operate, and grow their home care organizations. In the long run, you will see that self-ownership will give your agency a stronger bottom line.

Start-Up package includes customizable manuals, documents and forms including:


Business Startup Training Manual

  • Home Care Overview

  • Preliminary Considerations

  • Preparing a Feasibility Study

  • Writing Your Business Plan

  • Financing Your Business

  • Business Start-Up Requirements

  • Marketing Your Home Care Services

  • The Value of Relationship Selling

  • Recruiting and Retaining Quality Talent

  • Home Care Service Menu

  • Role of the Home Care Aide

  • Preparation Activities

  • Service Delivery Process

  • Client Services

  • Day-to-Day Operations

Policy and Procedure Manual

  • Organization & Administration

  • Scope of Services Policies

  • Service Delivery and Client Care Policies

  • Human Resources Policies

  • Health and Safety Policies

  • Financial Management Policies

  • Quality Assurance & Risk Management Policies

  • Customizable Forms

Employee Handbook

  • Customizable to your agency needs

California Licensing Resources

  • Owner Requirements

  • Home Care Aide Requirements

  • Forms

  • Written Directive

  • Website links