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Service Line Launch Kits

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Drive Growth with Your Next Service Line Launch


A home care company looking to boost revenue growth needs to launch new service lines. More than 25 percent of total revenue and profits in the home care industry comes from the launch of new services.


Home care companies that focus on creating new service lines while maintaining core competencies throughout their market grow faster than their competitors. And as home care organizations look to future growth, the overwhelming majority expect it to come from creating new service lines or business models.


As launch champions, HOME CARE RESOURCE can help you strategize, develop, and launch a new service line that is unique to your service area and that meets the distinctive needs of your customers. Launch champions follow these four rules.


Build an organization for collaboration

The single most important driving force behind successful service line launches is team collaboration, especially the ability to unite around one direction and to execute as a team. That level of collaboration is a challenge to achieve in most home care businesses since a relatively few people are covering many different functions.


Excellence in strategy and planning

Service line launches are often complicated and expensive, with costs spiraling out of control. A sound strategy and clear plan are indispensable. A strategy should articulate exactly what the business wants to achieve with the new service line, including which customers to target, what key message to communicate, and which three to five critical decisions will best drive those outcomes.

Invest in insights to tailor programs


Invest in insights to tailor program

A differentiated launch strategy relies on a solid understanding of the market, consumer, and competitive situation. Without that, home care companies often revert to just pushing out generic slogans and media messages that do little to convert customers. Basic demographic and online analysis is a good start, but the best companies go beyond that to uncover insights into behaviors of (meaningfully) narrow segments of target customers.


Build up launch talent

Often all of your people are involved in delivering the successful launch of a service line. One mistake in the process can jeopardize the entire launch. Successful home care companies understand that to deliver on the strategy, they need to invest in training and developing their people. This starts with not just attracting great caregivers but also providing specialized caregiver training. You will promote your quality guaranteed services because you have certified that your caregivers are specialists in the specific service line and provide excellent service delivery.


Each Quick-Start Service Line Launch Kit has the tools you need to get you up and running fast.

  • Program Checklist – a checklist to keep you on task and focused

  • Training Manual for Providers – a caregiver training course; complete with: training plan, sign-in form, post-test, answer key, certificate of completion

  • Strategic Vision Organizer – provides the framework for sustained growth and defines the organization's future.

  • Marketing Collaterals – includes sample professional artwork, website content, social media posts, rack card, promotional flyer, client education piece, sales tool – Who Are My Customers?

  • Policies and Procedures – ready-to-implement P&Ps specific to each service line.

  • Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Tools – includes three data tracking tools for you to use to monitor outcomes.

  • Forms – all the customizable forms you will need to start your new Quick-Start Service Line.


Order your Quick-Start Service Line Launch Kit and get your new program up and generating profits today!





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