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Simplified Strategic Planning

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Become the Home Care You're Meant to Be

Effective business strategies start with organizing your vision. Regardless of the size of your home care business an efficient and effective strategic plan is your pathway to success. Simplified Strategic Planning training will help you discover your skills, learn to lead with vision and take your home care organization to the highest level. Because a strategic plan establishes a direction for your business to take, it will help sharpen your focus in order to get there. Simplified Strategic Planning can help your organization develop the right goals and targets and help your staff, sales and marketing representatives focus their efforts into meeting them.

Every Path Begins with Training

Simplified Strategic Planning training comes in four, 90-minute, live online training sessions over 2 weeks through our online Zoom platform. After you graduate from Simplified Strategic Planning training, you can then undergo three additional phases of training, known as Home Care Marketing and Solution-Selling, and Profits and Performance Management Home Care Management Services, where you will complete skills required of a Sales Super-Connector.

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The Vision/Traction Organizer™ (VTO) is probably the most important document you’ll complete. It is a unique two-page template for organizing plans and forecasts the future of your home care company. Once completed it acts as a time-management tool, helping you decide when to put into action each element of your strategy.

The VTO is unique because it organizes both the ‘vision’ component of your business and includes your plan to make that vision a reality. Unlike a business plan, bogged down in thousands of details, the VTO offers a mile high view of what needs to happen.

Achieving Your Vision Starts Here...

Simplified Strategic Planning training will help you:

  • Define your core values

  • Determine your core focus

  • Develop your 10-year target

  • Create your 3-year picture

  • Construct your marketing strategies

  • Identify what makes your organization unique

  • Originate your guarantee

  • Set your 1-year strategies

  • Generate your quarterly targets


In short, we can help you by using the same tools and techniques we use to grow our business. And we’re confident we can help you grow your business and deserve your success

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Could We Make it Easier? 

We use the VTO to walk you through 8 simple questions. With your answers we help you to build a solid strategy for where you need to be in 10 years. And, we help you create a plan to get there. That’s the beauty of the Strategic Business Plan training. It isn’t just strategic planning. It’s tactical training and planning as well.

Get More Education, More Experience and Achieve Every Goal 

We pride ourselves in providing every home care leader with unsurpassed educational opportunities to develop into even stronger leaders. We invest time and resources to fuel innovation in order to help you achieve your goals and bring out your highest potential.

Mastering the Transformation

Day 1

  • Understanding your simplified strategic planning process 

  • Defining your vision

  • Determining your core values

Day 2

  • Crafting your core focus

  • Setting a 10-year target

  • Creating your marketing strategy

Day 3

  • Compiling your 3-year picture

  • Establishing your 1-year plan

  • Setting your Quarterly Rocks

Day 4

  • Creating your issues list

  • Developing your S.M.A.R.T. strategies for success

  • Completing your Vision/Traction Organizer™

  • Dates

  • Course Information

  • Registration

  • Tuition

  • Meet your Home Care Marketing & Sales Instructors

Want more information or to schedule your Simplified Strategic Planning session?

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