Marketing isn’t simple, and we want you to succeed. Here you’ll find sales and marketing training options for any budget and expertise level—you can start small or go big. And you can always track how you’re doing and make changes along the way.


Basic Sales Training

Basic Sales Training is your introduction to sales, and were you’ll learn the fundamentals, tactics and methods of becoming a Sales Super-Connector.


S.M.A.R.T. stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Bound. S.M.A.R.T. goals are possibly the most effective way of focusing attention and making things happen in your home care business.

1% Elite Sales 


1% Elite Sales Coaching is designed for seasoned home care professionals who are looking for the top sales tactics to take their business from successful to sensational. 


Test Your Home Care Marketing IQ! If you can answer these three questions, you might be on the right track!

1. Marketing Style: Which of the following best describes my marketing style?

  1. “Customer satisfaction” is my first priority.

  2. I tell referral sources how desperately I need to hit my sales quota.

  3. I anticipate the customer’s needs and sell them on how great we can make their life.

  4. I hand out goodies and brochures everywhere so people will remember our company when they need to refer home care services.


2. Market Strategy: Which of the following best describes a plan to sell homecare?

  1. “We sell homecare.”

  2. “We are the best in the county.”

  3. “Our company is the leading provider of homecare services.”

  4. “Our plan is to make at least 10 sales call per day, so that the odds of getting a referral are increased.”


3. Market Positioning: Which of the following best describes the function of target marketing?

  1. Finding customers who most likely buy home care services.

  2. Finding referral sources who can send us referrals.

  3. Directing our services to the largest group of potential customers.

  4. Building relationships with people who like me and will send me referrals.



If you completely missed the point of the above test, congratulations! You have a bright future in home care sales!

Seriously though, there truly is a tendency inside many home care organizations to weigh down simple statements with biz-blab and bullsh*t. 

Whenever this happens, it’s because the marketing group hasn’t figured out the basics:

  1. Why would anyone buy this service?

  2. Why would they buy it from us?


Those are simple questions and therefore have simple answers. Ad buzzwords don’t fool anyone; they just make you and your company seem unfocused and confused.