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Confidence in your role as the administrator / manager is essential to a successful home care organization. This webinar series is perfect for the new administrator / manager, designee, licensee, and/or human resource manager & generalist in your organization.


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We offer this program in seven, 90-minute live videoconferencing phases twice a week for 3 weeks. Every module has  materials that will be emailed to you to supplement the online training. And you will get a certificate of completion too! 
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​Our Course Offering

Deep dive into the operational core to keep your home care organization in compliance and deficiency-free.
⦁    Home care regulations
⦁    Personnel records requirements
⦁    Labor laws
⦁    Recruiting & retaining quality people
⦁    Company culture
Whether you’re a new start-up, a small agency, or one of the largest agencies, this training will provide the tools to help maintain a good compliance process which in turn help with running a great operation.


Here's a Preview of What You Will Learn

Office Administration - Regulatory Compliance
⦁    Review of California State Regulations
⦁    The Essentials of the Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act
⦁    Key Directives for Home Care Organizations
⦁    Key Directives for the Home Care Aide Registry
⦁    Key Directives for Application for Home Care Aide Registration and Registry Renewal
⦁    The process of Criminal Record Review/Exemptions
⦁    Interpreting the Key Components of the Regulations
⦁    Operations & Administrative Readiness
⦁    Record Keeping Readiness - Full Review of Personnel Files 
⦁    Home Care Aide Training Updates
⦁    Survey Preparation - Announced and Unannounced visits
⦁    Mock Inspection
⦁    Sub Office Inspection
⦁    Citations and Fines
⦁    Plan of Correction
⦁    Process of Renewing your HCO License

Office Administration - Labor Law

Common traps an how to address the issues and how to prevent potential fines and fees.   
⦁    Update on California and Federal Labor Laws
⦁    Minimum Wage and Overtime
⦁    Sleep Time
⦁    Split and Travel Time
⦁    Sexual Harassment and Workplace Violence prevention
⦁    City, State and Federal Requirements
⦁    Top Tips for Administration Practice
⦁    Protecting Health Information for Staff and Clients
⦁    Legal Exposure

Office Administration - Home Care Aid Onboarding, Recruitment, Retention & Training
Hard working and loyal caregivers set your home care business apart leading to a solid reputation and an increase in referrals.   So when hiring, how can you tell if the person is an A+ home care aide?
⦁    How to make your HCO more attractive to potential applicants
⦁    What to look for before hiring a Home Care Aide
⦁    How to reduce turnover before you hire
⦁    How to increase your chances of finding qualified applicants
⦁    101+ brilliant ideas to up your Recruiting Game 
⦁    How to provide candidates with a positive interview experience
⦁    Review of the CORE topics as per state regulations
⦁    ENTRY LEVEL - 2 hours of Company Policy and Role as a Caregiver
⦁    ENTRY LEVEL - 3 hours of Basic Safety, Infection Control and Emergency Preparedness
⦁    ANNUAL - 5 hours of Client Rights and Safety; Elder Abuse Reporting, Prevention and Detection; How to provide for and respond to Client's Daily Living needs; Assist with Personal Hygiene;  Safe transportation in and out of a car.
⦁    Review of other training topics that are for niche markets (Dementia Care, Caring for clients on Hospice, Communication Skills and many others)

The next phase in HCO compliance is to have a dedicated person maintain Regulatory Compliance: usually it falls onto the Office Administrator / Manager.    


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See what our past graduates have to say about the Home Care Administrator Online training.

“Without question this training was the most concentrated and valuable training in our company’s 5 year history. Your hands-on style and dive right in approach to training really targeted the key areas for home care compliance. Unlike most training, there’s a lot of ‘meat’ and the benefits are not short-lived.” – Owner | Home Care Organization

Instructor Information

Meet our all-star line-up of national champions with decades of experience in home care operations, marketing, and sales.











For more information on this or other programs contact our TrustedADVISERS 

Edwin Peterson or Kira Anthofer or at (619) 272-0422.

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Kira Anthofer, TrustedADVISER
With over 30 years in operations and  sales and marketing for multiple markets (the last 15 years in Senior Care) the number one take away to business success is to keep growing and push yourself out of  “the box.” 
⦁    Kira gets fired up when others Succeed!     
⦁    Motto: “When we are in a place of Gratitude; we are also in a place of Receivership.”


Edwin Peterson, TrustedADVISER
Edwin has over 35 years of healthcare leadership experience, with the last 15 years focused on home care, home health, and hospice.  He is the founder and president of the California Home Care Registry, Inc. a consulting, coaching, & training firm based in La Jolla, California.
⦁    Edwin gets fired up when others catch the Vision!     
⦁    Motto: “Fear is the refusal to have an experience.”