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Complete HCO Licensing Package

We-Do-It: Purchase all required documents for your California HCO application together for one low price.


This Purchase Includes:

  • Part A application documents pre-filled and ready for signatures
    • HCS 200 - Application for HCO license
    • Form - Board Resolution
    • Form - One manager waiver requrest - if required
    • HCS 215 - Licensee Applicant Information - 1 for each applicant
    • HCS 308 - Designation of HCO Responsibility
    • HCS 309 - LLC Organization Structure
    • HCS 402 - Dishonesty Bond Form
    • HCS 508 - Criminal Record Statement - 1 for each applicant
    • HCS 9164 - Board of Directors Statement - 1 for each applicant
  • Part B application documents
    • Job Descriptions for each of up to five positions
      • Manager/Administrator
      • Care Manager
      • Affiliated Home Care Aide
      • Staffing Coordinator
      • Community Relations Coordinator
    • Organizational Chart
    • Personnel Policies & Procedures, including:
      • Hiring practices
      • Abuse reporting procedures
      • Applicable forms
    • Training Plan (includes outlines only per state requirements)
      • Five (5) hours entry-level training
      • Five (5) hours annual training
      • Training log
    • Note: Training curriculum and teaching materials may be purchased separately.
    • Program Description
  • Additionally, we will provide to you
    • An Administrative Record Manual (required by CDSS) in which to file and maintain your administrative records.
    • Copies of all documents we produce
    • Mock employee file - to demonstrate how employee records should be maintained by the organization to be compliant with state and federal regulations
    • USB Drive containing all documents produced
    • Up to two (2) hours consultation and assistance with securing Live Scan fingerprinting and Guardian Background System registration, set up and operations.


We complete the application package for you in preparation for your California HCO licensing application.

Complete HCO Licensing Package

  • Complete package of all required documents for California HCO Application.

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