DIY HCO/PCS Policies & Procedures Kit

Many states require that Home Care/Personal Care businesses be licensed and stipulate that Policies and Procedures be submitted as part of the license application process.


Having a complete set of operational Policies and Procedures is crucial for the success of a Home Care Business because they promote efficiency & effectiveness, establish standards and guidelines and outline responsibilities and consequences.  This is a project that can take months to research, review and develop.


Because you now have our HCO/PCS Policy and Procedure Manual, you have been spared from this tedious, and often overwhelming, task.  


The Do-It-Yourself [DIY] Kit HCO/PCS Policy and Procedure Manual is in Word Document [MS Word] format and is divided into the following components:

  • Preamble, which includes the Manual Cover Page, Introduction, Disclaimer and Instructions.

  • Cover Sheet & Master Table of Contents

  • Section One:    Organization & Administration

  • Section Two:    Scope of Services    

  • Section Three:  Service Delivery & Client Care

  • Section Four:    Human Resources [Personnel Policies]

  • Section Five:     Health & Safety [includes COVID-19, Infection Control, and Emergency Plan template]

  • Section Six:       Financial Management

  • Section Seven:  Quality & Risk Management

  • Section Eight:    Customizable Forms

  • Purchase and download your complete Do-It-Yourself [DIY] Kit HCO/PCS P&P Manual today! 


DIY HCO/PCS Policies & Procedures Kit