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Lunch with McCaulie and Evon

On May 18th, the two top chiefs with the Home Care Services Bureau were invited down to San Diego to speak in front of a packed room of Home Care Organization licensees to answer the questions the owners wanted to know. Here are some of the highlights:

1. Transfer of HCA training from one HCO to another. The incoming HCO must transfer ALL the information from one organization to the current organization in full. McCaulie was referring to HCS 500 Training Log to demonstrate what is completed information:

  • Date of training

  • Training Title

  • Brief Description of Topics Covered

  • Training Organization

  • Instructor's Name (if in person training)

  • Location of Training (if online, specify website)

  • Training Hours Requirement - Enter hours in applicable category/column (Entry Level or Annual)

2. TB Testing currently is a two-step skin test required 90 days prior to or 7 days after employment and every 2 years thereafter. If HCA provides an x-ray clearing them of active TB (within the specified timeframes) an updated TB test/x-ray is not required while that aide remains an affiliated HCA. Pending legislation to revise TB requirements (see below under Future considerations) 3. If you can not get a hold of your Analyst, call HCSB directly and ask for the on duty manager. If on duty manager is not available, ask for McCaulie. 4. Inspections are being conducted in pairs. Your analyst as well as another will come out for this first first. There might even be three. 5. During the visit/inspection they will ask for:

  • Personnel files for licensees, employees, volunteers and affiliated HCAs

  • Administrative files

  • Application documents

  • Analyst may remove records for copying (no health related records)

6. At the Conclusion of the visit/inspection, Analyst will prepare a report detailing visit activities. No Deficiencies - a hard copy of report will be sent via mail and/or email within 5-10 business days With Deficiencies - A review of each deficiency and provide Health and Safety Code or Written Directive section that has been violated.

  • Develop a plan to correct the deficiencies and issue a written notice identifying the date corrections must be made

  • If there are egregious violations that impact the health and safety of client it must be corrected within 24 hours

  • Other deficiencies must be corrected within 30 days (extensions may be requested)

  • Failure to correct the deficiencies by the identified date may result in civil penalties

  • HCO will receive a report in the mail or e-mail within 5 -10 business days along with a proof of completion form to be completed and submitted (along with proven documentation) by the HCO as well as an Appeal form if the licensee wants to Appeal any of the deficiencies

Future considerations with Home Care Services Bureau 1. Looking at Annual training to be completed by hire date. 2. Looking at leave of absence related to maternity leave. 3. TB test pending legislation (AB 511) to revise TB requirements. Would instead require a TB risk assessment within 90 days prior to or 7 days after employment and every 4 years thereafter. If the risk factors are present, an examination would be required to determine that the individual is free of active TB. 4. Fee Renewals - HCA 90 days prior to the expiration of the HCA registration, notification will be sent to the HCA and all HCOs the HCA is affiliated to HCA will be able to renew online or manually LiveScan is not required for renewal PENDING fee increase is up to $50.00 (there is negotiations to increase it to $35) 5. Fee Renewal - HCO 90 days prior to the expiration of the licensee, notification will be sent to HCO. Renewal application will include HCS 200, new renewal form requiring information on associated HCAs/Office Staff, and updates to other forms. PENDING fee increase is up $5,803.00 (there is negotiations to increase only by $5,603) TOP Issues in current Inspections found by the Analysts 1. A licensee or designee is missing or not available to come on site for inspection. This leads to a bad impression. 2- Files are not consistent and unorganized. 3- Training information is not in file or not being recorded Lastly, the room wanted to know about how to report unlicensed HCOs conducting business. It was recommended to call HCSB to file a complaint and they will investigate the issue. Once found and proven by the HCSB; a non-licensed HCO has 5 days to determine if they will submit a licensing application/fees or to close down their business. If they continue without a license, they will be issued $900/day civil penalty. If they submit an application within the 5 days, they might have to wait up to 90 days until they get their license to continue doing business or get a conditional license.

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