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What Does a Mock Inspection Include?

We get this question a lot - and we are always happy to explain our process. Remember, our goal is for you to PASS state licensing requirements. We are your partner!

A basic Mock Inspection includes:

  • An Administrative File System - A well defined and organized Binder that contains all mandatory Administrative documents for inspection.

  • We collect all your Administration Files and organize it for you. This creates ease and focus when you have your actual inspection. This also assists your designee if they are in the office when licensing comes in.

  • We review at least 10% - 15% or your personnel files or 15 files at a maximum.

  • We review your posting. HCSB licensing regulated postings as well as labor board postings.

  • We review and educate on I-9 forms. This is an added bonus since there are multiple agencies state and federal agencies that have authority to check your I-9 forms.

  • We review our findings and trends with you and your team.

  • We begin a Plan of Corrections and conduct an Education Training on how to fill out all the forms.

  • You receive an electronic copy of our findings within 5 business days.

  • The basic Mock Inspection is $1,000 for four hours. If you want us to stay longer or if there is a need to stay longer we charge at 30 minute increments of $125.

  • Agencies with less than 50 employees on their roster take about 4 hours. Agencies with 50-100 employees take about 5 hours. Agencies with 100+ employee can take about 6 hours. The timing depends on the education and questions and answer session after the audit.

Every owner has that has chosen to have a Mock Inspection has told us they saw the value and benefits of us coming in before their analyst came in.

Agencies only have one opportunity to make a good first impression. We want to help you be the best!

Contact us today to schedule your mock inspection:

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