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5 Tips for Starting a Home Care Business

1. Start Smart

Your first clients will also be your first referral sources. Make sure you are providing quality care from day 1.

2. Build Trust

Your clients will likely come from health-care providers like hospital systems or assisted living facilities. You need to be responsive and reliable for them to continue to refer clients to your home care business.

3. Location

You will want to pick a location that is affluent enough for your clients to be able to pay for non-medical home care, but easily accessible for the majority of your home care aides.

4. Marketing

Focus your marketing on adult children first. They will be the decision makers when it comes to deciding on care. You must gain their trust and help them navigate this new road in life.

5. Hire Smart

Making sure you have the right team is very important. From the person answering the phone to every home care aide sent into a home; your business will be represented through these people. Hire people who are trustworthy, caring, and dependable.

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