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May is Older Americans Month!

Let's celebrate! Did you know May is Older Americans Month? All month long California Home Care Resource will give you ideas to share with your caregivers and loved ones about how to make the month of May a special time for the special seniors in your life. Check out a few activities below to kick off the month.

  • Arrange a nice sit down meal or snack with an older loved one or client in your life.

  • Play a board or card game with a special senior.

  • Arrange for a older adult to connect with a loved one from afar via facetime on your phone or tablet.

  • Teach a senior a little bit about technology - help them write an email to a friend or family member!

  • Encourage and listen to your senior loved one or client to share a story from their past - ask them what is was like when they were a teenager.

  • Inspire an older adult to try something new - painting, chair yoga, piano, or window gardening.

Sources: Administration for Community Living

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